Ealing Cleaner Denies Murder

Polish woman and three others stand trial for dumped 94-year-old

Jolanta Kalinowska, 41, of Cavendish Avenue has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a 94-year-old woman whose body was found dumped in Oxfordshire.

The Polish cleaner is accused of assisting an offender in the commission of killing Thea Zaudy, a German refugee who lived in Notting Hill, London.

She appeared at Oxford Crown Court on Friday.

Kalinowska's 23-year-old son, Adrian Ryszard Laz, also pleaded not guilty to one charge of assisting his mother to dispose of Mrs Zaudy's body.

His girlfriend, Monika Sienkiewictz, 19, who lives at the same address in Ealing, pleaded not guilty to one charge of assisting an offender in the removal of evidence of a murder.

Lucasz Gajda, 25, also from Ealing, pleaded not guilty to assisting Kalinowska in the murder.

Mrs Zaudy's charred remains were found next to a suitcase in a field off the A329 at Milton Common, near Thame on 13 July. Police believe the suitcase had been used to transport Mrs Zaudy's body.

Mrs Zaudy fled Germany in 1939 and came to Britain where she married her husband, Carl. She had lived alone since his death in the 1960s.

They ran a carpet shop together until his death and she also spent 13 years working at a large department store in London before retiring at the age of 74.

As yet, there are no details as to the motivation for the murder. The case continues.



September 24, 2007