Council crackdown on blue badge fraud

Arrests made and fines issued for misuse of disabled badges

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A crackdown on blue badge cheats by Ealing Council has resulted in four arrests for fraudulent use.

Council Parking Attendants teamed up with the Police to carry out a series of patrols throughout the borough targeting those illegally using blue badges.

In addition to the four arrests, six penalty charge notices were issued for the use of stolen/missing disable badges and five for the misuse of disable badges (using a badge belonging to another individual).

This is the first time that the Council has led such an extensive operation to tackle blue badge fraud. The illegal use of disabled parking permits has been seen as an increasing problem over recent years, with individuals stealing badges or using someone else’s badge.

Councillor Sue Emment, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said: "People who misuse blue badges are not only breaking the law, they are selfishly making life more difficult for people who genuinely need parking exemptions.

“The Council will continue to crackdown on this fraud to protect the rights of our disabled residents."

Blue badges, issued to disabled drivers or passengers, not only allow free parking and parking in restricted areas, but also exempt holders from the £8-a-day congestion charge in London.

August 16, 2007