91% of Drivers Unaware of New Parking Laws

As new wide two-tier scheme is launched across the capital

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The change in parking regulations and fines on 1st July will catch Londoners unprepared and add to London motorists' confusion and frustration, according to a recent survey conducted by Park-Up.com in collaboration with the RAC Foundation. 91% of the 153 Londoners who responded are unaware of changes to fines and 70% of drivers are still confused by the existing parking regulations.

If drivers are confused and don't want to be caught out they can go on-line to Park-Up.com where they can find detailed information on these changes as well as interactive parking maps of the Central London area.

The research highlights that 55% of London drivers get at least one parking ticket in a year and the average driver spends £483 every year on parking fees and fines. 90% think parking in London is expensive but 60% would not be deterred by a 10% hike in parking fees.

One in four drivers admit to loosing their temper with traffic wardens or other drivers. In a few instances leading to violence, one driver was threatened with a knife to give up a parking space.

Finding a place to park remains the most frustrating thing about driving in the capital. 78% of drivers said that finding a space is very difficult. 54% of drivers try and find a space by just driving around and hoping.

With the launch of a new free service, Park-Up.com, now drivers don't have to waste time and money by trying to park this way. Park-Up.com, the on-line parking guide, simply shows you where you can park cheaply and safely. It contains the locations of all of Central London's parking bays, car parks, disabled and motorcycle bays as well as giving you all the extra information on the locality that will help you avoid getting a ticket, clamped or towed. This information is accessible directly to your mobile phone or PDA if it has internet access.

In the Park-Up.com footprint area, which includes parts of London outside the congestion charge zone, there are 71,000 parking spaces that can be searched either from a computer or any internet-enabled mobile device. Park-Up.com is particularly useful to the 16,000 motorbike and scooter riders who ride into Central London everyday and currently park for free. They will soon face a parking charge to park in Central London under a draft proposal from Westminster Council.

Norman Olaniran, Founder and Managing Director of Park-Up.com, said, "I think that the local councils has missed an opportunity for some much needed good publicity around parking, the changes to the PCN fines system are good, however our research has shown that Londoners motorists are confused, frustrated and fed-up as far as parking in the capital is concerned. More needs to be done to inform drivers of where and when they should park and what they should be paying."


June 29, 2007