Local MP Resigns over Third Runway

Andrew Slaughter steps down from Government position

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The MP for Ealing, Acton and Shepherd's Bush, Andrew Slaughter, has stepped down from his Government position to allow him to actively oppose the expansion of Heathrow.

He had formerly acted as as Parliamentary Private Secretary to Lord Malloch-Brown. The role constrained the extent to which he could campaign against the Government's policy on the issue.

Last November Mr Slaughter led a deputation of Labour MPs to meet Gordon Brown and subsequently spoke in the Commons debate on Heathrow.

In a letter to constituents Mr Slaughter explained his fight against Heathrow expansion which he believes would adversely affect the quality of life of his west London constituents. While stating that the environmental controls insisted on by ministers and the refusal to allow increased use of existing runways were important concessions, he said that this was not enough to prevent thousands of people being subject to all-day aircraft noise.

He said, " Like many local people, I say enough is enough.
Ministers are insisting that stringent noise and pollution limits are met before the new runway can be used, and that use of existing runways will not grow. But Heathrow will seek a way to break these promises once again."

Mr Slaughter committed himself to continue to fight against the third runway and his belief that a robust campaign would stop it being built.

He will be Labour’s candidate for the new Hammersmith constituency at the next General Election. It was a seat identified by a recent poll in which it was likely that the Labour vote would be hit by the issue of Heathrow.

His decision will put the spotlight on other local MPs in the Government, such as Ann Keen, who despite opposing the expansion of Heathrow have been unable to vote against issues such as increasing night flights in Parliament.

January 28, 2009