Green Campaigners Buy A Piece of Heathrow

Emma Thompson, Alistair McGowan and Zac Goldsmith amongst names on land deeds

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An alliance of celebrities, politicians, scientists and Greenpeace have bought a plot of land earmarked for Heathrow's third runway in the hope of stalling the Government’s expansion plans.

Greenpeace are joined the deeds of the land the size of a football pitch by Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson, comedian and Barnes resident Alastair McGowan and environmentalist Zac Goldsmith.

The four names constitute the maximum number of owners that can be put on a deed, however, Greenpeace are urging others to join Airplot by adding their name to the growing list of beneficial owners. These include local MP and Conservative frontbench spokeswoman Justine Greening, Lib Dem MP Susan Kramer, environmentalist George Monbiot and acclaimed climate scientist and Royal Society Research Fellow Dr Simon Lewis.

The land was bought from a local landowner for an undisclosed amount.

Speaking about the land purchase, McGowan said, "Now that we own it, we'll never sell it to them [BAA] and we're confident that we'll be joined by people from all over the world who will help us defend it."

A map of where the land is situated can be seen here.

Further information about joining Airplot can be found here.

January 14, 2009