New Slip Road Planned for Fulham Palace Road

Part of council scheme to get our borough moving   

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Hammersmith and Fulham Council has launched a plan called Get H & F Moving, which aims to improve local transport networks and speed up traffic on our worst bottleneck, Fulham Palace Road.

The council says it has has lobbied Transport for London for access £2.3 million to build a new slip road at the top of Fulham Palace Road. Traffic modelling predicts that the new slip road will help the flow of vehicles around Hammersmith Gyratory and up and down Fulham Palace Road.

Transport experts at the council say an extra 200 cars per hour will be able to exit Fulham Palace Road due to the new slip road. The work is expected to finish in spring 2012.

Other improvements will also be made to Fulham Palace Road. The council says pelican crossings will be reviewed and the layout of loading bays improved saving around £900,000 a year in reduced journey times and improvements in air-quality and safety.

H&F has the most congested roads in the capital with a mind numbing 7.6 million hours lost in traffic per kilometre of road per year, according to Transport for London statistics. The Wimbledon branch of the District Line also has the most densely packed carriages outside central London.

A key part of the transport plan is a 10 point Driver’s Charter that includes a pledge to review unnecessary traffic lights, speed bumps and bus lanes – all in an attempt to increase the flow of traffic. The council has also promised to create more parking spaces, fix pot-holes within 24 hours and remove redundant road signs.

John Horton, of Hammersmith estate agents, Horton and Garton is sponsoring the Get Moving campaign. He says: " The local residential amenities are so accessible with transport but it can be really difficult driving around the borough. I tend to cycle to work and also to appointments, which our clients seem to like.

" I like the idea of improved cycle lanes and paths, and we should get the free bikes out to H&F and stretch that scheme a little bit further west."

February 16, 2011