Diary of a Reluctant Runner

Week 7 ...and I wonder where the time has gone

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It's apparently seven weeks - that's nearly two months - since I started this so what have I got to show for it?

To be honest not a lot and I thought I would be well into the swing of it now.

I had visions of the pounds disappearing, and of me transforming into this svelte, lean, mean running machine ....(well I do have quite a good imagination).

Sadly it's not happened quite like that.

I am still struggling, both on a motivational front ie actually getting myself out of the door, and also in the physical sense - I am still not finding running easy.

Enduring, rather than enjoying is how I would describe things at the minute. I am fighting against myself continually, those 101 excuses are never very far away, and I find it's easier to pull one of them out rather than put on my trainers.

Yes, I have had one good excuse. My leg injury was unexpected and very off-putting, but that's done and dusted and it's time to get on with it.

A bit of encouragement can work wonders, and I have found runners are by and large a really good bunch - willing to take time to offer help to a complete novice like myself.

This week I must say thanks to fellow school mum - Kate who is something of an inspiration. She started running regularly at the beginning of the year and is visual evidence that regular exercise can lead to big changes.

Kate's not just lost weight she has also become so much fitter.

She always offers sensible and positive advice and makes me think that I can actually achieve what she has done.

As she said, getting out the door and beginning to run is half the battle, turning it into a routine/habit is the next stage.

So, this week I have done one run I am pleased with - 20 minutes round Blondin Park (without stopping - quite achievement really) but it's not enough.

Next week I vow to go out every day and run or walk - whatever the weather, and shall ignore that negative voice in my head.

No more excuses.

Time is ticking on and before I know it it will be September 30th and the half-marathon will be upon me.

If that thought isn't enough to get me running I don't know what will be.

Until next week!


Annemarie Flanagan

18th June 2012