Diary of a Reluctant Runner

Week 6 ...where I'm like a bat out of hell

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I don't care how corny it is and I'm not even embarrassed to admit it. I have just rediscovered my love for this song and am so glad I did.

Meatloaf's 'Bat Out Of Hell' got me the full distance (and a bit more) round Lammas Park this week, so don't knock it!

This was my first attempt at running again after that injury, and I started rather tentatively.

I had done my warm-up as per Roy's instructions and took a reasonably quick walk to the park.

Picking up the pace once I got there, I saw a few other runners doing it properly and began somewhat nervously.

I concentrated on heel - toe as Roy had advised and was relieved not to feel any twinges. The weather was cool and breezy, the sky was grey but nevertheless the conditions seemed to suit me.

As 'Meat' revved up so did I. No, I didn't get any faster - slow is the only way for me - but his powerful voice and the highly charged song lyrics carried me the full distance.

But that annoying little voice of my own kept popping into my head telling me I had done enough and it was time to walk.

The nagging doubt tried as hard as it could to dampen my spirits and get me to give-up - but I didn't.

And, as I was running, with the wind blowing in my face and the music soaring, I experienced a bit of an emotionally charged high.

When Mr Loaf sang that bit (you know, after seeing his heart still beating)...'breaking out of my body and flying away.. like a bat out of hell'...  I had this surge of energy that came from nowhere and I found myself actually smiling!

Can you believe that?

A by-stander might have actually thought I was enjoying my run.

Ha! No, I'm far from that stage - but I think I may have had just a tiny glimpse of why people do this.

So, this week I have to thank MeatLoaf and writer, Jim Steinman.

Do you think if I stick the song on repeat it will help get me to half-marathon stage - or will it just drive me mad?

What music gets you round?


Annemarie Flanagan

12th June 2012