Hounslow Council web site celebrates improved performance

Study reports high climb in national rankings

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The re-launched Hounslow website has earned the biggest jump on record in the history of independent rankings company, SiteMorse.

According to the league tables published on 3 November 2005, the Hounslow Council website (www.hounslow.gov.uk) has vaulted a massive 413 points to top the chart at number 15 in the independent ratings.

This table of government websites serves as a benchmark for local authorities. The monthly report reviews areas such as functionality, compliance, performance and accessibility on the web.

Lawrence Shaw, Managing Director of SiteMorse, confirmed that Hounslow was the highest climber ever, and an extraordinary achievement in a very short time, adding: “This is a testament to focus, effort, and very well managed delivery.”

The recently re-launched website was upgraded to offer improved accessibility and navigation in order to comply with ODPM requirements for December of this year.

Web manager, Zoë Laycock, adds: “We’re really pleased with this achievement, but there’s still some way to go yet.

“It’s part of our on-going programme of website improvements, which will ultimately provide additional features as part of our modernization of service delivery.”

The previous rating in Sept 2004 ranked the site one of the lowest in the country. Thurrock's website remains the top ranking site for the second year in a row.

Nov 24 2005