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Many shops and restaurants throughout Ealing were looted and badly damaged during last Monday's violence.

Staff at Fat Boys Thai Restaurant on Haven Green were terrified as they witnessed the rampage.

Owners Nicky Thanyarat Santichatsak and husband Adrian Mills say it was a dreadful night but it's now time to look ahead:

''It's almost impossible to try and find a positive out of what happened the other evening.
However one thing I would say, is that the sense of community that makes Ealing what it is, was out in force over the last couple of days. We have received numerous visits from loyal, shocked customers and other traders , wishing us well and for a speedy recovery.
We were delighted to welcome a local family and an elderly resident with her grandson who had driven up from Plymouth to see her.
They chose to come to Fat Boy's for lunch, even though they were eating in near darkness as the windowsc were being boarded up.
They did it to show that they cared about what goes on in their community and wanted to lend support. So thankyou to them and all our well wishers. For the first time in certainly the ten years of trading in Ealing we now know and share information with other traders along the Broadway.

This can only be a good thing.''

Adrian Mills

15 August, 2011