Police Commissioner Apologises For £4m Inquiry

Ali Dizaei Corruption Investigation caused "considerable damage" within the force

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Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has apologised for a £4m corruption inquiry into the behaviour of Hounslow Borough Commander Ali Dizaei.

Considered one of Britain's most senior Asian officers, the internal investigation caused "considerable damage" within the force according to Blair who also said that the probe had created a rift with black officers.

Once tipped to be the first black chief constable, Iranian born Dizaei's status as a Met high-flier was dashed in 2001 when he was suspended accused of using drugs and prostitutes, taking bribes and even of being a threat to national security.

Following a two year battle to clear his name, Dizaei was reinstated and subsequently appointed Hounslow’s Borough Commander in 2005 before his move to neighbouring Hammersmith & Fulham was announced last month.

The Police Commissioner's apology came after an agreement to resolve internal disputes resulting from the internal investigation named Operation Helios.

In a letter the Met Commissioner said,"All parties now recognise that it is time to move on but in so doing to ensure that lessons are learned and that mistakes are not repeated. In acknowledging these mistakes and making this apology the Met hopes to restore to the Black Police Association (BPA) some measure of trust and confidence in our organisation."

Police watchdog - Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) - cited "grievous errors" in the inquiry and said no disciplinary action should be taken against Ali Dizaei.


June 6, 2007