Met 'Regret' Publication of Borough Commander’s Book

Ali Dizaei’s ‘Not one of Us’ causes a stir amongst his peers

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Ali Dizaei Talks to

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Entitled Not One Of Us, Hounslow’s Borough Commander Ali Dizaei’s book has caused a furore even before publication.

Due to be released on March 12th, the long-awaited book goes into detail about the Met’s investigation of the controversial Iranian born Dizaei and strongly criticizes the force and fellow high ranking officers.

In an interview with published earlier this year, Ali Dizaei said about Not one of Us “It’s not a negative book at all as some might expect. It’s a very positive about my experiences in the Met and with ethic minorities especially.”

However, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement expressing their “regret” that the Borough Commander, who went before the promotion board this week, went ahead with the publication.

The statement read, "Although we do not believe it is in the best interests of the MPS to see this book published, neither do we believe that it is in the Met's best interests to prevent its publication,"

"We repeat our regret that he chooses to publish this book (and) believe that these matters are now best put behind us".

Once tipped to be the first black chief constable Iranian born Dizaei worked his way through school and university to qualify as a barrister and earn a PhD in his spare time. But his status as a Met high-flier was dashed in 2001 when he was suspended accused of using drugs and prostitutes, taking bribes and even of being a threat to national security.

Following a two year battle to clear his name, Dizaei was reinstated and subsequently appointed Hounslow’s Borough Commander in 2005. He is currently applying for promotion.

February 28, 2007