The Riots in Ealing - Council Riot Report

Key Facts from the night of 8th August 2011

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• There were about 300 persons involved in the disturbances in Ealing Broadway and more involved in incidents elsewhere in the borough.

• Ealing has just fewer than 700 police officers, 185 “Specials”, 108 civilian staff and 132 Police Community Support Officers.

• 35 officers were on duty

• Of those arrested across London as a result of the disturbances, only 17% had gang affiliations according to Police gang profile information.

• Over 1,000 999 calls were made during the rioting in Ealing on Monday, 8th August many of which remained unanswered. Some families were made homeless.

• One local resident, Richard Mannington Bowes, died after being assaulted while trying to put out a fire.

• At least nine residential properties were targeted – two were set on fire, and six were stolen from.

• Damage was caused to over 100 shops and businesses. One supermarket was burnt down, and an electrical goods retailer had stock worth £200,000 looted. Numerous shop fronts were smashed and cars burnt out.

• By mid-November , 185 people had been arrested following the riots in Ealing. Of these 61 were juveniles (under 18), and of these juveniles, only 19 were from Ealing. 164 had been charged and the average sentence for offenders arrested


15th March 2012