Polyclinic Takes Seasonal Pressure Off Local A&Es

If successful the two month pilot scheme will be made permanent

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More information at www.hounslowpct.nhs.uk/choosewell

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Ambulance Service crews will now take calls are considered non-life threatening or serious to the walk-in centre at The Heart of Hounslow polyclinic instead of local hospital A&E departments.

If successful, the two month pilot scheme will be made permanent.

NHS Hounslow’s, Modernisation Director, David Quigley said "We are excited about this new initiative which has been introduced at speed to be available in time for the Christmas and New Year bank holiday period.

"Last year, over 85,000 patients, registered with Hounslow GPs, went to their local A&E departments. We estimate that 45 per cent of all attendances can be classed as minor. We hope that this initiative will take some pressure off local hospitals and also reduce ambulance turnaround time”

NHS Hounslow is also running a Choose Well campaign aims to raise awareness of the range of services available, particularly when they need help urgently, so that people can judge the best place to get help for symptoms and illnesses.

• NHS Direct or 0845 46 47 — for absolutely any health questions, around the clock, and to find local services. Open every day 24 hours at day
• NHS walk-in centre your local one at The Heart of Hounslow — for treatment of minor illnesses or injuries, without an appointment open 8am-8pm 7 days a week. It is even open on Christmas day!
• GP —for medical advice, examinations and prescriptions for illnesses you just can’t shake off. Many surgeries now book appointments earlier in the morning, later in the evening and on Saturdays mornings and you will be redirected to the Out of Hours service or you can go to the walk-in centre at The Heart of Hounslow polyclinic
• Pharmacist — for advice on common winter illnesses, and the best medicines to treat them. Some are open across the bank holiday period
• A&E or 999 — for critical or life-threatening situations

More information at http://www.hounslowpct.nhs.uk/choosewell.html

December 22, 2009