Hammersmith Hit By Burst Water Main

Hammersmith Road bus lane remains closed after flooding

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The second major burst water main to hit West London this month happened in Hammersmith overnight.

At about 11pm a main underneath Shortlands, just off Hammersmith Road collapsed depriving some residents in the W6 and W14 areas of water.

Thames Water were on the scene before midnight and directed supplies from other sources to try and maintain pressure in the area. Supply was restored to most homes and businesses by around 6am this morning.

The initial burst led to a geyser of water spurting into the air which led to up to three inches of flooding cover ing nearby streets. Some local properties were inundated.

Firms operating in nearby offices advised staff not to go into work.

This incident follows the collapse of a main in the Isleworth area last week which cut off supply to a wide area of West and South West London including Acton, Shepherd's Bush and Chiswick.

A Thames Water spokesman stated, "Hammersmith Road will re-open as soon as possible but the bus lane will remain closed while we fix the broken pipe."

The road was closed between Hammersmith Road and North End Road for several hours but by afternoon the road was reopened with only the westbound bus lane remaining closed.

If you are still experiencing problems you can call Thames Water on 0845 9200 800 or contact them through Twitter.

August 18, 2010