The Chiswick Education Trust

Ushers in a new era for education in Chiswick

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Chiswick Community School has announced that as of the 1st of November it will become a Foundation School.

A new trust called ‘The Chiswick Education Trust’ has also been established formed of five members: Chiswick Park, St Mary's University, Brentford Football Club, Hounslow Council and Chiswick Community School itself.

A Trust school is a state-funded Foundation school supported by a charitable trust made up of the school and partners working together for the benefit of the school. This followed wide consultation held with pupils, parents, staff and the local community which resulted in overwhelming support for the process.

This process follows wide consultation with pupils, parents, staff and the local community which has resulted in overwhelming support for this exciting new development. It provides a great many opportunities for stakeholders of all five organisations and the wider community not least of which are students, staff, governors and parents at Chiswick Community School. The opportunities for reenergising, collaboration, the sharing of expertise and resource for the benefit of all are considerable. Alan Howson, Headteacher at Chiswick Community School describes the process as such,

"Students will benefit from greater access to the world of work and specialist facilities whilst staff will have the support of a university for professional development and educational research. Our continued close links with the local authority will ensure we move forward in conjunction with other schools locally and maintain the benefit of collaborative working."

This exciting news will further enhance the impact of the considerable Building Schools for the Future (BSF) investment in Chiswick Community School. This is as Alan Howson describes a ‘long term process’ the influence of which will be felt considerably in the future.

The Chiswick Education Trust are pleased to announce the two appointed Governors from the Trust: Andrew Dodge (chair of Governors) and John Theakston. Both of these Governors will ensure that the projects that are developed are in response to the development plans that have been submitted by the Leadership group and endorsed by the full Governing Body. Andrew Dodge described the Trust as an, 'exciting new development which will give us the dual advantages of being a self-governing school while remaining part of Hounslow’s family of secondary schools. We look forward to increased opportunities to develop partnerships with higher education, local businesses and our local community which will further raise our educational standards and achievements.'

Alan Howson accepts that this is exciting news and news that will be likely to inspire great demand for community involvement,"‘There is of course the opportunity to increase the number of Trust members and I would be interested in hearing from anyone who feels that they would like to join. It is certain that The Chiswick Education Trust, will be at the forefront of education in the community."

November 21, 2009