A Safer A4 for Cyclists and Pedestrians

Campaigners launch petition following the death of Michael Fletcher

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To sign the online petition go to www.gopetition.co.uk/online/24413

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Campaigners have launched a petition to lobby Transport for London and Hounslow Council to make significant improvements to the cycle path along the A4 following the death of Michael Fletcher in November.

Brentford resident and regular forum contributor Michael, who was a campaigner for improving cycling conditions in London, was killed by a car exiting an industrial estate as he rode down the A4 off road cycle path by Gillette Corner.

The paper petition already has some 500 signatures and the online petition, set up by Brentford Councillor Matt Harmer, currently stands at 260.

Cllr Harmer said, “I was alerted to residents' concerns over safety for pedestrians using and crossing the A4. Tragically, a cyclist was killed on the A4 in November 2008. To avoid more injuries and deaths, I am calling on the local council and Transport for London, who control the road, to do what they can to prevent further accidents happening.”

Although in Hounslow, the A4 cycle path is maintained by TFL. This means that whilst the council has indicated that it is supportive of improvements to the cycle path, it is TfL’s decision whether they fund and implement them.

To sign the online petition go to http://www.gopetition.co.uk/online/24413.html

January 13, 2009