Parking Adjudicator Rules CCTV PCN Invalid

Because the issuing and posting dates did not match

Participate founder Barrie Segal

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Barrie Segal, founder of, has notified this website of a new development in his campaign against incorrectly issued Penalty Charge Notices (PCN).

"Don't throw away that envelope," he warned after a CCTV issued PCN was declared invalid by the Parking Adjudicator.

Although the council in question was Bexley, the same rule applies across all London Boroughs which is that the date of the PCN must be the same as the postage date on the envelope it was received in.

"I have seen one decision to this effect and understand there are others" said Barrie. "So if you have received a CCTV PCN do check the posting date and the date of the PCN. If they are not the same the PCN cannot be enforced."

He continued, "If you are already appealing a CCTV PCN and don't have the envelope, ask your local authority to provide evidence that the PCN was posted on the date shown on the PCN.

"Even if you have paid a CCTV PCN it is worth asking for this information. If the dates do not agree then it is equally worth you asking for your money back because of the unenforceable character of the PCN. The council are unlikely to agree but you will have your claim on record."

Barrie Segal, the founder of, is the UK's leading Parking Ticket Expert.

In 2006 he successfully challenging the legality of three London council's parking tickets. As a result, 455,000 annual parking tickets, generating £17 million, were declared illegal and unenforceable.


October 8, 2009