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New scheme to tackle distraction burglaries

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Ealing Council is urging more residents to sign-up to the borough’s nominate a neighbour scheme in a bid to tackle distraction burglaries.

The scheme encourages residents, particularly the elderly or vulnerable, to seek the help of a neighbour, friend or relative who lives nearby, when an unexpected caller comes to their home.

Residents are advised to show a card with the contact details for their nominated neighbour to the visitor through a window or letterbox, rather than opening the door or entering into a conversation. The unexpected visitor would need to visit the nominated neighbour to verify their identity and purpose for the visit. The nominated neighbour would need to accompany the visitor back to the person’s home and reassure the resident of their purpose for calling.

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for Safer Communities, said: “This scheme is a valuable crime prevention tool. Aimed at the borough’s most vulnerable residents, the scheme can help increase a person’s confidence to deal with an unexpected visitor and can help them avoid being the victim of distraction burglaries. Although it relies on the goodwill of neighbours, most people will have someone they can ask who will be only too happy to help. Genuine callers will understand, and bogus callers will be deterred.”

Residents are advised not to leave the nominated neighbour card on permanent display. They are encouraged to present them to unexpected callers when they arrive.

For more information about the Nominated Neighbour Scheme contact the council’s Community Safety team on 020 8825 7600 or email communitysafety@ealing.gov.uk.








November 8th 2010