New Calls For Night Flights Ban

After BBC reveals that Heathrow is breaking Government limits

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The London Borough of Hounslow has renewed calls for a total ban on night flights at Heathrow after the BBC revealed that the airport is breaking Government limits on the number of planes that can use the airport during the night.

According to a report on the BBC website, the airport exceeded the agreed cap of 2,550 planes by 17 per cent in the six months to March 2007.

The bulk of these flights were classified as ‘disregarded flights’ according to the Department for Transport, despite landing or taking off in the restricted period between 23:30 and 06:00.

The reasons for these flights being disregarded in the official figures included poor weather such as the heavy fog experienced last December.

Cllr Barbara Reid, executive member for environment and planning at the London Borough of Hounslow said, “If this report is correct, then it would appear that someone is trying to pull the wool over residents’ eyes.

“Last year, we council successfully fought off Government plans to increase night flights over Hounslow by more than 10 per cent. Now it appears that BAA is breaking that limit by stealth and keeping the figures well hidden.

“Night flights are a terrible blight on our quality of life. Not only do they cause disturbed nights for many residents, but they are also known to have a far great impact on climate change than daytime flights.

“This demonstrates, once again, that the only long-term solution to this problem is to bring about a total ban on night flights.”

October 1, 2007