Cross Party Support For Climate Change Camp Decision

High Court rejects BAA's appeal against organisations taking part in demonstration

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The decision by the High Court, to reject BAA’s application for an injunction against organisations taking part in Climate Camp 2007 has been unanimously welcomed by members of all local political parties.

Cllr Dakers, Leader of Hounslow Liberal Democrats, said,
“The Camp for Climate Change at Heathrow has not come a moment too soon. I look forward to spending a few days of my summer break at the camp and may deliver some training workshops to help support the development of fellow participants campaigning skills.”

“Gordon Brown’s commitment to tackling climate change is now in doubt. He has downgraded the key cabinet committee on the environment from a full cabinet committee chaired by the Prime Minister to a sub-committee chaired by the Chancellor. In addition a sub-committee which aimed to embed sustainable development in central government departments has been scrapped entirely.

“This, along with a clear Department for Transport appetite to introduce a third runway at Heathrow, sends a clear sign that climate change is not a priority for the Prime Minister. The government’s position on the environment is a shambles and Brown’s green façade is fast fading.”

Councillor Barbara Reid, lead member for Aviation issues at Hounslow Council, also welcomed the decision saying, “This action on the part of the airport authority undermines people’s rights to engage in peaceful and lawful protest against further expansion at Heathrow, and the judge was right to recognise that the scope of the original proposal, which would have affected millions of law-abiding people, was totally unreasonable.

“However, we do not condone any activity that would result in people breaking the law or causing disruption to services, and we are working closely with the Police to ensure that residents, visitors and businesses in the borough are able to continue with their normal activities during the week of Camp for Climate Action.”

August 8, 2007