Congestion Charging A Possibility for Heathrow Airport

London's Mayor considers tackling pollution from ground level

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When questioned by London Assembly Conservatives about what work he was carrying out to include Heathrow Airport within the Low Emission Zone, the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone stated that unless arrangements were put in place to make the Heathrow Express more accessible he would be looking to introduce a congestion charging scheme around the airport.

When further questioned about the viability of such a scheme and the fact that the roads surrounding Heathrow are not owned by Transport for London, the Mayor responded by saying, “we didn’t own the roads in Kensington and Chelsea, but that didn’t stop me”.

Commenting on the prospect of a congestion charge scheme around Heathrow Airport Tony Arbour, London Assembly Member for Hounslow and Richmond said, “Introducing a congestion charging scheme around the airport would have huge consequences for local people as residential roads outside any proposed zone become clogged up by those wishing to avoid being charged.

It is obvious what is on the Mayor’s mind 24/7 – congestion charging. It is time for a sensible approach to tackling the levels of air pollution around the airport, without a knee-jerk reactionary scheme that will have a negative impact on the quality of life for local residents.”

March 23, 2007