Lib Dems Show Their Faith In Malcolm

Party re-adopts Councilor Gary Malcolm to stand in local election

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Ealing Acton and Shepherds Bush Lib Dems

Acton Conservatives

Councillor Gary Malcolm has been formally adopted as the Lib Dem candidate for the seat of Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush. This seat contains all of Acton, Chiswick Southfield, a reasonable section of Shepherds Bush and a smaller section of Ealing (Hanger Hill).

Malcolm lists better health facilities, the abolition of council tax, reduction in class sizes, extra money for the poorest of pensioners and an emphatic No to the West London Tram as his top five issues on which he will be campaigning for re-election.

Well known for his ardent and vocal campaigning, Malcolm has been involved with a wide array of issues including rail cuts to those who use Acton Main Line station, for more ramps in shopping parades to give better access for those who are disabled and more recently on the MRSA problems at Ealing Hospital.

Aged 31, Gary Malcolm has been a councilor with Ealing Council since 2002 representing Ealing, Acton and Shepherd�s Bush. He is the Liberal Democrat Group�s spokesperson on Transport and Environmental matter and has spoken at national and regional conferences on a range of issues including policing, health and the West London Tram.

He said �Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush is a winnable seat for the Lib Dems because people do not trust Labour, many Conservatives do not believe they can win and people will actively vote Liberal Democrat because we have credible plans to solve the problems that exist.

"The government has forced our health service to meet so many targets. Doctors, nurses and others are not able to spend enough time doing the job they want to do - caring for patients. Lib Dems would cut most of the targets to more allow hospitals to decide what their priorities are."

April 20, 2005