Cyclists Break Rules ‘Because they have to’

Campaigning group asks for the rule book to be rewritten

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Cyclists break the rules of the road because they are forced to do so to remain safe according to CTC campaigner Chris Peck who is asking for the rule book to be ‘rewritten’.

Speaking to the BBC, Peck said, "Most cyclists obey the rules of the road, there is only a minority that cycle anti-socially, like breaking red lights and cycle on pavements but we have to realise why they are doing this.

"It's because the rules of the road are not set up for cyclists, the width of the roads, the layout of the roads, even cycle routes are not designed with the cyclists in mind, they are designed to keep cyclists off the road and mingle them with pedestrians."

The rules are set to be changed at a local level with councils across London to receive new powers to protect and prosecute cyclists.

A spokesperson for London Councils, said, "We have got two powers, the first is to enable advance stop lines to be enforced to give cyclists the benefit at traffic signals.

"The second is better powers to control reckless footway cycling where cyclists can - and it's only a minority of cyclists - cause fear amongst pedestrians."

We asked Hounslow Council about they intend to implement these new rules but are still awaiting their response.

July 4, 2008