Ann Keen Writes To Her Neighbours  

Legal action being taken to regain possession of Brentford home

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A letter from Ann Keen has this afternoon been delivered to roads surrounding what might turn out to be the most famous squat in England. It reads as follows:

"I am sure that you are aware that our home on Brook Road South has been taken over by squatters. The law to deal with squatters is complicated, but we are taking legal action to regain possession as quickly as possible. We would like to apologise for any disruption to your life and any inconvenience you may have experienced. After major difficulties with the architect/builder we commissioned to carry out refurbishing work and a loft conversion, we were very badly let down and the company recently went into liquidation. We are now in a position to bring in a new firm and work is scheduled to start within two weeks. We look forward to moving back in during the summer. "

"We have lived in our Brentford home for more than 22 years and we own the house - all mortgage payments and building work have always, of course, been paid by us personally. It is our home and has been very special to us for a long time. Alan started work on the Great West Road, Brentford in 1963 and I, as a nurse, spent a substantial part of my working life at the West Middlesex Hospital. Long before I was elected to Parliament in 1997, first as a nurse and then as a candidate, our door was always open for people to ask for help. "

"We find it extremely upsetting to know that our house is occupied by squatters who appear to believe that they are entitled to do what they wish in our property. Anyone who has experienced the feeling of violation after being burgled will understand the distress caused by intruders who refuse to leave. Obviously, we are working to resolve the situation and get our house back as quickly as possible and would like to thank all those who have expressed their support and sympathy over the last few days - it has meant a great deal to me. "

A local resident commented, "We don't know whether she is paying for this mail out personally or whether she's claiming it on expenses!"

Meanwhile the signs are still up at the Brook Road South house. Bushes have been decorated with Christmas baubles and balloons festoon the front of the property.


July 3, 2009