Community Forum Moderation

If you are confused by action taken by the moderators on the forum read the Code of Conduct. In most cases this should provide a full explanation. It is very helpful when our members take the time to read the relevant information rather than asking us questions for which the answers are readily available on-line.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forum Moderation

Why is my account suspended?

We suspend accounts because:

a) there has been a complaint about you from another user and the complaint is being investigated.

b) your registration details were not correct.

c) you are a newly registered user and your initial posts suggest that you are have not read the Code of Conduct.

d) we have been unable to verify the user details you supplied and need further verification from you.

e) there is evidence of misuse of the forum that seems to originate from your IP address

In most cases accounts will be released from suspension if the registered user sends confirmation that they agree unequivocally to adhere to the code of conduct and verification of their registration details to : Neighbour Net Ltd, The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, W4 5JL.

How do I verify my registration details?

Use your imagination. There are lots of ways to do this and the onus is on you to prove you are who you say you are. Many people send an e-mail from their work e-mail address. Send documents to support verification to 'Neighbour Net Ltd, The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, W4 5JL.' Do not send original documents that you wish to be returned. If we aren't completely happy you won't be allowed to post.

Why has my post been removed?

The most common reason is that you have not registered on the site correctly. We require any registered member participating in the forum to provide their real name, full post code and date of birth.

If we believe registration details may not be genuine or if a complaint has been made about a post we check details against the electoral roll. If this doesn't confirm their accuracy then we reserve the right to remove any posts and cancel a member's registration. The member can be reinstated by sending verification of their identity to 'Neighbour Net Ltd, The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, W4 5JL.' Do not send original documents that you wish to be returned.

The second most common reason is that your post was an ad. If you are not local and not a client don't advertise on our forum. Local is defined as the geographic area covered by the site and you don't count as local just because you have clients in the area. If you have advertised elsewhere do not use the forum in any way to promote your business. Our clients are welcome to use the forum in moderation. Other local businesses can respond to requests made on the forum by members. Our definition of an ad would include 'recommendations' made by related parties. We will also remove recommendations when we believe a business has been providing incentives for users to place positive comments. Before posting as a business on the forum please ensure that you are listed on

Because of the stipulation that correct personal details are provided it is rare that we have to remove posts because they are abusive or obscene. If you are unhappy about the removal of a post under such circumstances see the section below about making a complaint. We do not respond to request for an explanation of moderator's actions by e-mail.

I have registered correctly but one of my posts have disappeared. Why?

The most likely explanation is that you responded to a post that was subsequently removed. Our Code of Conduct makes clear that this is likely to happen. If you responded in good faith to a post that appeared genuine we will endeavour to reinstate it if appropriate but it may be quicker and easier for you to repost.

Why do I keep needing to re-confirm registration?

Our system periodically deregisters members who have not provided full post code details or names that appear to be invalid. If you provide correct post code details this should stop happening. If you live abroad and this is happening to you let us know and we will ensure that your registration is maintained.

A friend of mine says he has been banned. Will you reinstate him?

They are misleading you. We never ban people. If someone consistently breaches our code of conduct we ask them to write to us to confirm that they have read and understood it and agree to be bound by it. Your friend has refused to do this.

How do I make a complaint about the way the forum is moderated?

Write to 'Neighbour Net Ltd, The Courtyard, 4 Evelyn Road, W4 5JL.'

February 2009